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1996 Signature Gold A3 'In Their Element' Signature - Dave Watson


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In 1996 Dynamic Marketing released the Signature Gold series of cards. This limited release was very popular with a gold foil base card each with a foil signature. The 'In Their Element' inserts of Fire, Water, Earth and Air were released as a plain acetate card and an acetate card with the appropriate 'In Their Element' symbol of them. The later acetate inserts were also released as signature cards either signed and numbered to 200 or just signed by the player. Usually these cards came with a Dynamic Certificate of Authenticity, however after Dynamic ceased trading a lot of the signature cards were sold off. 


This autographed acetate 'in their element' card numbered A3 of 9 features Dave Watson from the Gold Coast Chargers (no COA available).

Product Code: GCC96ELEMENTSIG-A3

Manufacturer: Dynamic

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